Watch Movies FREE!

That's movies free! It doesn't get much better than that!

I thought when I discovered Redbox that I had really found something...movies for $1. No more Blockbuster for me. Now, I've discovered that you can rent those same movies for free...LEGALLY!

In case you haven't noticed yet, Redbox movie vending machines are popping up everywhere. They are now in over 22,000 locations including many Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Kroger and even McDonald’s.

Under a long-term agreement, some of the Entertainment companies like Fox, Universal and Warner Brothers delay the release of their movies to Redbox for 28 in an attempt to protect sales of their new DVDs. Others, including Paramount, Sony, Lions Gate and Disney release their new DVDs to Redbox the same day that they go on sale. Paramount just recently cut a deal with Redbox to rent new releases the same day in exchange for a cut of the revenue. I look for Fox, Universal and Warner Brothers to do the same in the near future.

There are two ways to use Redbox:


      Go to
      Find a move
      Choose the location where you'd like to pick the movie up
      Enter your credit card info online.
      Once you get to the pick-up location, touch “Online Reservation Pickup”
      Swipe your credit card.
      Enjoy the movie.

    At the vending Machine:

      Find a movie,
      Swipe your credit/debit card (add your email address if you would like a receipt)
      Grab your movie.
      Enjoy the show!

Now that Redbox has successfully taken on Blockbuster, it looks as though Netfix may be next. According to Bloomberg Reports, the company soon will be launching a broadband delivery platform of their own. I haven't heard of any details yet but I look forward to it.

So, I'm sure you're wondering when I'm going to get to the part where you rent movies free. If you sign up on the Redbox website, they will give you a code for a free movie rental. Now, since this is the age of social media, lots of people are getting these codes and sites are popping up all over the internet where people are sharing these codes. Each code is good for one use per credit/debit card. I've swiped as many as three different cards using the same code and been able to watch movies free all night long. Yep...I'm addicted...LOL.

Two of my favorite code sharing sites are Inside Redbox and Redbox Codes. So, now you know how you too can watch movies for free!

**Just a quick note: Redbox never charges late fees but if you keep your movie past 9 PM the following night, even if you use a code for a free one night movie rental, they will charge your card an additional $1 per movie for each additional night that you keep the them.

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