Ways to Make Extra Cash

One of the best ways to stretch your cash is to make extra cash. Here are a few ways for you to make some extra money.

**Clean out the garage, basement or attic.

Unless it holds sentimental value, if you haven't used it in a few years, you likely never will. Sell those unwanted items on Craig's List, ebay or have a yard sale. If you think you don't have enough items to have a yard sale, get together with your neighbors and hold a community yard sale. The bigger the better! Shoot, you can even have a cookout and sell hamburgers, hot dogs, chips and drinks.

**Sell your old electronics.

If you just bought a new cell phone, laptop, digital camera or other electronic device and have one that you no longer need, there are plenty of place who will buy your old electronics.

**Get paid to write articles

There are several companies like Associated Content and Constant Content who will pay you to write articles about things that are of interest to you.

**Get paid to Blog

If you have a blog that has been around for a few months, there are websites like PayPerPost who will pay you to blog about certain topics.

**Start your own business.

No, you don't have to have a lot of money to start your own business. Do like I do and build websites about things that you are interested in.

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