Free Budget Calculator

Use this free budget calculator to estimate your living expenses and see just how much money you could be saving.

Here's how to use this calculator:

    1) Put in the amounts of your monthly expenses.
    2) If the amount is zero, make sure that a 0 is entered into the box.
    3) Enter your Monthly Net Income (Your monthly income after taxes).
    4) Check out how much money you could be saving!

Housing & Utilities
Mortgage/Rent $
Electricity $
Television $
Phone Service$
Internet $
Water $
Gas $
Monthly Total $

Household Debt
Credit Cards $
Auto Loans$
Student Loans$
Other Loans $
Monthly Total $

Fuel $
Maintenance/Repair Costs $
Monthly Total $

Auto $
Health $
Life $
Rental $
Monthly Total$

Childcare $
Medical CoPays and Prescriptions $
Education $
Monthly Total $

Groceries/Eating Out$
Clothing $
Recreation (Movies, etc) $
Other Expenses $
Monthly Total$

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