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Do you want to start your own online business? It doesn’t have to be expensive. I started my own business with $300 and a dream. I now do what I love and work the hours I want to. I don’t have anyone looking over my shoulder and I don’t have anyone to answer to but myself. It’s a lot of hard work, mind you, but it’s okay because I love what I do.

Here are a few questions and answers that people have asked me about what I do:

Q: Will I get rich quick?

A: No...No...No! If that is what you are looking for, don’t even bother to keep reading. This is not a get rich quick scheme it is an honest home based business. It will take a lot of work but the end result will be a nice, steady income. It’s a lot of long hours at first with nothing to show for it but all of that hard work pays off in the long run because once you get your websites built, all you have to do is maintain them and they will generate money whether you work on them or not. I have gone weeks without working on my websites at all and they continued to generate income.

Q: Can anyone do it?

A: Absolutely! If I can learn to build successful websites, anyone can! I’m 52 years old with nothing more than a high school education. When I was in high school, one computer took up a whole room and was no where near as sophisticated as they are now. There was no such thing as Windows, Personal Computers or Laptops.

The technical support that SBI! offers so that you can start your own online business is second to none. They have a very helpful forum that is free to all SBI website owners.

SBI! is even taught in major colleges and Universities like Penn State University, Arizona State University, The Citadel. Owners of SBI! webistes have been interviewed on major media outlets like the New York Times, USA Today ABC News, The Chicago Tribune.

A recent episode of Oprah focused on ways to recession-proof your life. The best tip on the show came from Jill Ferrer, who travels with her husband throughout USA in their RV, while earning income from Jill's website about RVing. Jill built her own website, with no prior experience, using a fascinating online self-study course called...are you ready for this….Solo Build It!

Q: Why not use something like “GoDaddy” ($4.24 per month) or one of the free webhosting sites instead of paying $299 a year to start your own online business?

A: I learned the hard way that you can’t just put up a website and expect people to find it. My first website, Pipelinebooks was a complete and total disaster. . I sold ebooks…well, let me rephrase that, I TRIED to sell ebooks. Go ahead…”google” it and see if you can find it…nope…it’s gone. I gave up…after pulling out quite a bit of hair and losing a lot of sleep, I called it quits. You can build a website but what good does is it if no one can find it?

Q: What makes Solo Build It! so special?

A: Results! If you are computer illiterate like I am, SBI! has all of the tools and guidance that you will need. If you are willing to provide the BAM (Brains and Motivation), Solo Build It will supply the fact, my experience with SBI! has been so successful that I now have three websites:
And of, of course, this website, my newest,

Any Questions?

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